Star Li


生于1986年深秋,诗人、 画家。游学日本、韩国、美国、加拿大十余年酷爱各类乐器曾混迹于各类地下乐队多年并参与大部分词曲创作。有良好的生物学,商科背景,曾在纽约进修胶片拍摄的导演专业。其后以旧金山艺术大学最高等纯艺术硕士学位毕业。现常居紐約,旧金山,北京。专注于表现派以及硬边缘抽象派透明主题的静物,风景等系列油画创作,与此同时进行装置艺术,雕塑等其他形式的艺术创作。



Born in 1986, lives and works in New York, NY. She received her M.F.A. in Painting from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Before being an oil painter, Star Li experienced as the film director, which assisted her to value the world via the camera, an independent perspective addressing the relationship between viewers and objects. Her works has experienced the solo exhibition “Hyaline Pie” at Art Dis China, Beijing 798 Art Zone and AAU Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Her work has an expressive style focusing on glasses and landscape. Through Li’s eyes, the artworks imply her mood within a complex flavor due to the transparent medium, the glass or the water.

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